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Oil Service Fuels, Inc. is a Wyoming Corporation established in 1981.  LDL® was developed as a diesel fuel additive and conditioner.  Product credibility and performance have been established within USA marketplace.

We are seeking to create associations with credible entities to develop licensing and/or joint venture agreements for specific developing countries in the world.  LDL® projects are based on the following factors:

  1. Exclusive license and/or joint venture agreements for the LDL® formula in specific worldwide locations.  Production of product blend is not complicated nor labor intensive.  Current production facility located in Denver, Colorado.
  2. Formerly patented and trademarked product.  Similar formulation/blend for new patent pending to be applied for and documented with Patent Cooperation Treaty with worldwide registration.  Patent protection will be virtually worldwide.
  3. Project is based on real and politically correct issues.  A. Creating economic development; B. Less diesel fuel consumption; C. Decreased diesel emissions and pollution; D. Creating a healthier environment; F. Financial rewards are substantial with superior profit margins.
  4. Legitimate and qualified technology to receive funds in developing and third world countries regarding environmental projects.  This could include funds from the World Bank, International Monetary Fund, and/or Asian Development Bank.
  5. Business arrangements are structured to be profitable and equitable for all participating entities.
  6. Oil Service Fuels, Inc. is 100% committed to product performance, value, effectiveness, and customer satisfaction worldwide. 

Please contact:  Alan Epler at (303) 579-5700.

LDL® U.S. Patent No. 4,682,984

LDL® gasoline fuel additive, private label, is a multifunctional additive for use in motor gasoline. It is ashless and imparts the following properties:

  1. Intake valve deposit keeps clean
  2. Port fuel injector  keeps clean
  3. Combustion chamber deposit control
  4. Carburetor  detergency
  5. Minimizes octane requirement increase
  6. Excellent corrosion protection
  7. Complete compatibility with component materials of the engine and fuel system
  8.  Improves moisture absorption
  9.  Reduces fuel line  freeze up
  10. Eliminates valve sticking

LDL® is a very effective solution for reducing diesel emissions & pollution.  In locations around the globe including Africa, The Middle East, South & Central America, the application of LDL can create a healthier environment and help address the current environmental concerns related to diesel emissions.

The benefits of a licensee include creating economic development, reduced diesel fuel consumption, reduced diesel emissions and pollution and net profit margins of 200%. One gallon of LDL® treats one thousand gallons of diesel fuel. One million gallons (1,000,000) of LDL® treats one billion gallons (1,000,000,000) of diesel fuel.  One million gallons (1,000,000) of LDL® treats four billion gallons (4,000,000,000) of gasoline.